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General Motors Goes Electric

General Motors Makes Cuts to Go Green On par with industry leaders, General Motors has started to focus on electric cars. Cutting 15% of its workforce and closing 5 plants, the American automaker is also discontinuing production on 6 of its vehicles in 2019. The move comes as little shock to automakers, with the Trump […]

Costa Rica Traffic Lights Going Solar

Costa Rica Traffic Lights Going Green It’s no secret that future technologies have an eco-friendly bend. Everything from solar power planes to grids that power cities are not only efficient, they don’t harm the environment. Soon, Costa Rica traffic lights will fall under this sustainable umbrella. The Central American country’s Ministry of Public Works and […]

Ultra Lithium Canada and Future Projects Update

Ultra Lithium Canada Project Updates and Future Look Lithium is a central resource on global commerce. Powering electric vehicles and most consumer electronics, this mineral powers the clean energy revolution. Consequently, Ultra Lithium Canada projects are pivotal for all manufacturers and consumers of clean energy technologies. Below is a breakdown of current Ultra Lithium Canada […]

Ultra Lithium Argentina Developments Update

Ultra Lithium Argentina Developments a Source of Excitement Every day, the world of lithium mining and exploration becomes more central to the global economy. As electric vehicles grow in popularity and consumer electronics increasingly rely on lithium-ion batteries, lithium forms of the modern energy race’s backbone. Consequently, Ultra Lithium Argentina developments send ripples through various […]

Autonomous Electric Vehicles: A Matter of Time

Autonomous Electric Vehicles and Evolution There are many hurdles faced by the green revolution. Chief among them is a question of productivity. Will clean energy technologies compromise practicality? After all, plug-in cars are expensive, take a while to charge and have small lifespans. However, autonomous electric vehicles and a bit of time will change that. […]

Polymer Sponge Lining Doubles Li-Ion Battery Life

Polymer Sponge Lining Another Major Breakthrough Range anxiety continues to worry both potential and existing electric vehicle owners. The thought of being stuck at a busy intersection or on a country road with no charging station in sight is a rational concern. However, a polymer sponge lining will allow EV drivers to sleep easy. This advance […]

Dyson Electric Cars to be made in Singapore

Dyson Electric Cars to come from Singapore Despite saying that Brexit will return jobs to the UK, Sir James Dyson has sent jobs abroad. A high-profile advocate for Britain leaving the EU, the English billionaire has chosen Singapore to manufacture Dyson electric cars. However, he contends the decision came from a desire to be located […]

Lithium Oversupply A False Premonition

Lithium Oversupply a Myth Market watchers warn of lithium oversupply, despite evidence that suggests otherwise. Granted, the price of lithium has slipped since 2016, as the Trump administration stepped away from the Paris Climate Agreement. However, lithium’s value is intrinsically tied to the modern economy. Lithium-ion batteries power nearly all consumer electronics. Plus, electric vehicles […]

Lithium-Ion Battery Design Becoming Wildly More Efficient

Understanding Lithium-Ion Battery Design Each year, the batteries powering electric vehicles become 5-10% more efficient. Introduced in 1991, lithium-ion battery design has steadily improved. Consequently, the world has benefited. These batteries are becoming more popular, as their use reduces climate change. As a result, it’s important to understand why they’re so important for humanity’s future. Each […]

Recycled Laptop Batteries Power the Future

Recycled Laptop Batteries A Sustainable Solution The online DIY (Do It Yourself) scene is nothing new. Thanks to it, the internet contains millions of ways to reuse household objects. These solutions save time, money and reduce clutter. However, DIY with recycled laptop batteries has social value. That’s right, lithium-ion batteries are saving the world. Granted, this […]